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  1. Burst Into Flames Wall Of Sleep 3:29
  2. NWC After Crying 4:29
  3. Broken Wendigo 4:13
  4. Red Rain (Peter Gabriel cover BZ 5:49
  5. Wasted Years (Iron Maiden cover) BZ 4:53
  6. Angels Stonehenge 5:01
  7. Stay HARD 4:23
  8. The Loophole Paradox BZ 8:55
  9. Uriel (demo) BZ 6:14
  10. Winter (Tori Amos cover) BZ Project 5:44
  11. Maggie's Got a Secret PhoeniX Files 4:14
  12. Reach Wendigo 3:34


After Crying. Wall Of Sleep. At Night I Fly. Unplugged Pressure. These are the bands I’m playing in nowadays, but some of you might remember my previous ones like Stonehenge, Wendigo, Queen Tribute, PhoeniX Files or H.A.R.D. I’ve received many awards throughout my career but the most important fact is that I could and can play in many wonderful places around the world for great people – I hope I could give you something in return.

Beside playing on stages and recording in studios I am also a journalist (currently the editor-in-chief for PC World)  a well known host and showman for events (PlayIT Show, PlayIT Ház and others from gaming to business), and I also write lyrics and music for others in various styles from rock through pop to soundtracks.

On this page you can find where and when I’m playing, you can see my videos, hear my songs, browse my albums and of course contact me if you want me to play music or host an event for you.

Welcome to my place:


WALL OF SLEEP – Seven Point Five (Live)

BZ – Fallal A Fejnek

WENDIGO – Entropia

SOUNDTRACK – Morningstar

STONEHENGE – Between Two Worlds

COVER – Frozen (Madonna)

BZ – Uriel

WALL OF SLEEP – Sins Of The Fathers

COVER – In The End (Linkin Park)


Jelenleg nincs esemény / No upcoming events at the moment


WALL OF SLEEP – The Road Through The Never (2018)

BZ PROJECT – 7414 (2014)


AT NIGHT I FLY – September Kills EP (2013)

AFTER CRYING – Creatura (2011)

WENDIGO – Audio Leash (2010)

H.A.R.D. – Traveler (2008)

AFTER CRYING – Live DVD (2006)

WENDIGO – Let It Out (2006)

WENDIGO – Reconnecting EP (2004)

STONEHENGE – Angelo Salutante (2001)



  • …you’d like me to perform in your venue or festival.
  • …you are looking for musical collaboration (writing music and lyrics from rock through pop to soundtracks and background music, translation, vocal coaching in the studio or anything else).
  • …you need a good host or showman for your event or show (who is fluent in Hungarian and English).

Zoltán BÁTKY

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